Betty's Nephew Comments on 'Stories George Told Us'

Betty Geftakys' nephew in California. Bob and his sister Linda, Betty's niece, collaborated two years ago on the article, "Betty Geftakys' Family Background."

July 28, 2008 from Bob L.:  George & Betty are my aunt and uncle; Betty is my mother's older sister. I am now 54. Every year or so I come to this website to read the continuing dark and horrible escapades of these two, "Fools caught in their own folly." I have no doubt again that most of the doubting Thomas’s in their cult will spend months trying to confirm or disprove my words. Is George who he says he is? Can Bob prove by fact what he claims? It ‘s all so crazy. Cult members, what were you looking for from this family? They have no power, no cure for you. Their directions are as fake as rusted weather vanes in the wind. You were sold “snake oil” nothing more. It's a case of Occam’s Razor, which postulates that the simplest explanation is usually the best.

Look folks, the last time I saw Uncle George. in 1969, he was making a living traveling around mooching and tying to build a cult. Aunt Betty paid all the bills as a teacher in California. They were both trying to sell my family that George was working on his calling. Yeah, he had a calling all right. He was calling on Betty to work so he didn’t have to. Manual labor was obviously not George’s call either.

George was so full of baloney that he and Betty and their children never really visited with relatives, especially for any long period of time (by long periods of time I mean hours). No, no, George was a “rambling man” back then. Keep in mind Betty’s Mom owned 6 different translations of Bibles (the apple did not fall far from the tree) and she, along with Betty’s sister, my Mother, inflicted each page on our families like the plague. My Grandmother alone could have eaten him alive with his crack pot ideas had the Lord lead her to do so. So George & Betty were not leaders in our family. But I guess the Lord and Grandma were just happy Betty landed someone, so we all went along with the myths, never dreaming the damage George was already beginning to conjure up.

As I said .. Uncle George was more a “shovel-leaner” than a producer. When in town in Wisconsin where Betty’s mom lived George had a habit of slipping out, disappearing for hours. Betty, the ever pleasant door knob, "the mat beneath George’s feet," would cover for him with excuses. (Does this sound familiar?)

One day my father had heard enough and finally followed George’s car. Guess where your church leader was going. To tend flock? The church? The rescue Mission? To share with a fellow Plymouth brother? That’s what he told us when he returned. But no! the fearless leader, the man you all handed your life to, was actually going to the beach everyday. He’d disrobe to his hidden swim suit and then play volley ball with the college girls & boys. Working on his tan. Once the family heard this, we never gave them money and never saw George again. Tim and David followed in Daddy’s shoes. Moochers and perpetrators’ who lived lives in fear of the truth about themselves. Hobo’s, nothing more.

Believers’ve been hoaxed, not by a master-mind, but rather by a man and woman who gathered others like Betty, men who would not fight back. Once gathered, and then separated from their families, the clay was ready for the potters hand.

My apologies on behalf of my family. We did not know what they were destroying, or we could have exposed them decades ago. The “fruit” of this cult has caused nothing but pain and agony, dividing families and perpetrating abuse unmentionable, but real none the less.

If there was not a God, man would make one up. To George's followers, look upon the God you’ve created. His name is George -  to you a great man; to me, a mooch who conjured up a way to live through the weakness of other men. God did not take care of his needs - you did!!!!

To the men, like George, who have beaten their children in the name of the Lord and have not repented, there is a special fiery place already prepared for you. For those men left today who know of wives and children suffering such abuse and do nothing - you will join them, and make no mistake about that.

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