About us and this site...

Brent T. launched the original website GeftakysAssembly.com in November 2002 to expose corruption in the Geftakys Assembly ministry and publicly call the leaders to action. It was hard-hitting and didn't pull any punches, and within a few months George Geftakys was removed from the Fullerton Assembly. The website had accomplished its initial purpose.

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In 2003 Brent handed over the site to Steve and Margaret Irons to take it in the direction of understanding and healing. Steve re-designed and renamed the site and added many articles, especially in the sections, "Assembly Teaching and Practice" and "Biblical Perspectives". Margaret is now the editor and webmaster.

The Assemblyboard is an archived forum on the Geftakys Assembly that was active from 2002 through 2010. Over a thousand topics related to the Assembly and aberrant Christianity were discussed with fervor. There was no administrative connection between the Assemblyboard and this site.

Purpose of this Site

In addition to being the archive of information on the Assembly ministry of George and Betty Geftakys, this site is a library of information on abusive dynamics that develop in other Christian settings. The divisive and inflammatory words 'cult' and 'cultic' appear in some articles and links. On this site they are used in the sciological sense, to describe the way a group functions, not to imply heresy. The point is not to label or attack Bible-based groups, but to shed light to help hurting people.

Some people will disapprove of the secular content on this site, feeling that people who've been caught in a spiritually abusive situation need spiritual help only. Our view is that both perspectives are necessary in order to rebuild critical thinking. We agree that spiritual damage willonly be healed by the grace of God, but in our own recovery, information from many sources helped us. Secularwisdom is not complete, much is erroneous, but we believe that some of it derives from ultimate Wisdom and is compatible with it.

Should the site continue?

Some former Assembly members have questioned whether there is still a need for this site, especially the sordid revelations in the "Final Weeks" section. Shouldn't the sins of the Assembly past be forgotten?

puzzle pieces Most former Assembly folks are still processing their experience. It happens little by little over a period of many years. To a certain extent there may never be closure, since George Geftakys and other Assembly leaders have not thoroughly admitted their wrongdoing. The facts will continue to remain available for reference and insight.

Former Assembly members are not the only ones who find help on this site. In 2014 there were 74,456 pageviews from 167 countries. Some of these folks spent hours on the site. The information and resources that are here, including the "Final Weeks" section, are continuing to help many who have been hurt in toxic Christian groups around the world. The Geftakys Assembly story brings aspects of their own situations into focus. The pieces of the puzzle begin to come together, and people are helped to rebuild their lives.

As former members we might deeply wish that our past history could just disappear. But God's strategy is to take it all into account and use it to His glory, one way or another.

About current site administration

We were former leaders in the Geftakys ministry. Our story tells how we got involved with George's ministry and how we left. It is crushing to realize that for twenty years we gave our lives to something that was wrong on so many levels. We are deeply grieved for the damage we perpetrated on others - more about this here. Our work on this website is part of our effort to try to make amends in some small way.

Someone asked in 2011, "How do you keep interested in all the Assembly stuff after all of these years? It is quite an investment of emotional energy isn’t it?" In answer, I am reminded of The Kite Runner. Amir witnesses and participates in a huge wrong done to his friend. At the end of the book he is engaged in a huge struggle to make amends to his friend, and he says, "For you, a thousand times over." That would be my reply as well. I made a huge effort for so long ensnaring people in spiritual abuse; the least I can do now is try to assist in their recovery.