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Intro to the Assembly Ministry of George and Betty Geftakys   »»

About us and this site...

Original Geftakys Assembly website header

Brent T. launched the original website in November 2002 to expose corruption in the Geftakys Assembly ministry and publicly call the leaders to action. Within a few months George Geftakys was removed from the Fullerton Assembly. The website had accomplished its initial purpose.

In 2003 Brent handed over the site to the Irons to take it in the direction of understanding and healing. Steve initially redesigned the site and added many articles, especially in "Assembly Teaching and Practice" and "Biblical Perspectives". Margaret is now the editor and webmaster.

The Assemblyboard is an archived forum on the Geftakys Assembly that was active from 2002 through 2010. Over a thousand topics related to the Assembly and cultic Christianity were discussed with fervor. There was no administrative connection between the Assemblyboard and this site.

Purpose of the Reflections Site

In addition to being the largest archive of information on the Assembly ministry of George and Betty Geftakys,  this site provides information to discern cultic characteristics at work in Christian groups in general. Some folks think this site puts groups like the Assembly in too harsh a light, and fails to emphasize the positive aspects. Using the 'cult'' word is especially problematic. The point of this site is not to label or attack these groups, but to shed light to help people recognize and extricate themselves from cultic situations.

stack of lettersSome will disapprove of the secular content on the site, and feel that people need only the spiritual content. Our view is that once a person has been ensnared by unethical influence in a cultic Christian group, both facets are necessary in order to rebuild critical thinking. We agree that the spiritual damage will only be healed by the grace of God, but we share information from many sources that helped us, and we hope will be helpful to others. We invite readers' comments - click any comment linkHere is feedback we've received over the years.



About current site administration

weddingWe, Steve and Margaret Irons, were former leaders in the Geftakys ministry. Our story tells how we got involved with George's ministry and how we left. It is crushing to realize that for twenty years we gave our lives to something that was wrong on so many levels. We are deeply grieved for the damage we perpetrated on others - more about this here. Our work on this website is part of our effort to try to make amends in some small way.

Someone asked in 2011, "How do you keep interested in all the Assembly stuff after all of these years? It is quite an investment of emotional energy isn’t it?" In answer, I am reminded of The Kite Runner. Amir witnesses and participates in a huge wrong done to his friend. At the end of the book he is engaged in a huge struggle to make amends to his friend, and says, "For you, a thousand times over." That would be my reply as well. I made a huge effort for so long ensnaring people in spiritual abuse; the least I can do now is try to assist in their recovery.   

Should the Reflections site continue?

Some former Assembly members have questioned whether there is still a need for this site, especially the sordid revelations in "Final Weeks". Shouldn't people just forget about the Assembly and move on? Part of the answer to this was articulated by "Moonflower" in April, 2008, in reference to the Assembly bulletin board. She said:

There are some still coming out of the groups, some coming back to God after having left, some who are members of another aberrant religious group, and some may be attending the preaching that is rising up again in CA [and other locations, we might add].

Although the truth of the Assembly groups came out on one particular date, we are processing the information at different rates, because some of us were totally kept in the dark regarding certain events and behaviors.

And I think we should be aware that it has affected us. I think it will take us a loooooong time to sort through everything that transpired in the Assembly groups and how it affected us and our families. We are not going to change overnight and, like abused children, will carry certain scars for the rest of our lives, whether we were the abused or the abuser.

puzzle pieces

In addition, inquiries continue to arrive from folks who for one reason or another are just now becoming alarmed about the Assemblies and/or the Geftakys ministry - visitors to continuing former Assemblies; folks in home gatherings who recognize warning signs; overseas ministries that have had a brush with George or with a former Assembly; people who are in a relationship with a former Assembly member or leader, etc. Having the pieces of the puzzle is necessary in order to understand what is currently going on. There are also several thousand hits on this site each month from around the world from search terms related to cults and spiritual abuse. Some of these folks spend hours on the site. The information and resources on this site, including the "Final Weeks" section, is continuing to help those who have been hurt, not only in the Geftakys ministry but in other cultic Christian groups as well.

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