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Articles and resources on this site are focused in two main areas - spiritual abuse and betrayal, and the Assembly ministry of George and Betty Geftakys.

Spiritual Abuse and Betrayal

tunnel Elements of Cultic Christianity


sad person Abuse in Christian Families


Private school children Assembly Kids, MK's and PK's

Second-generation adults (SGA's) who grew up in controlling, legalistic church groups deal with specific issues as a result. Children of Assembly leaders have much in common with missionary kids (MK's) and pastors' kids (PK's).

Gutenberg Bible Biblical Perspectives

Child in gateway Recovery from Spiritual Abuse

Question mark Faith after Spiritual Abuse

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Flickering candle Words of Grace from the Bible  This is an annotated collection of assurances from God in modern English versions of the Bible. The main purpose is to help clear away distorted images of a harsh and demanding god, and replace them with what the Bible really says about God's character and attitude toward us.

Devotional Helps  Meditations from various sources

Geftakys Assembly Archive

Assembly Locations and Leaders, Past and Present

Introduction to the Assembly Ministry of George and Betty Geftakys   A series of brief articles on the origin, character and implosion of the Geftakys Assembly ministry.

Indonesian fish trap Assembly Teaching and Practice  Analysis of the teaching of George and Betty Geftakys, both doctrinal and practical, and descriptions of how it worked out in Assembly life.

World map Assembly History  Details of the background and development of the Assembly ministry of George and Betty Geftakys, "The Work", the local Assemblies, seminars, publications, a timeline of Assembly events, etc.

Assembly Documents  Documents produced in the Assembly and "the Work", most of which were approved for distribution over the years, as well as an archive of Assembly photos.

Train wreck Final Weeks of the Assembly  Documented account of events leading up to the collapse of the Geftaky - letters, meeting notes, restraining order, etc.- and personal experiences dealing with the issues.

Current Assembly Status  Current activities of George and Betty Geftakys, other former Assembly leaders and individuals, the remaining Assemblies and Assembly offshoots since 2003.

Personal Experiences   First-person accounts of life in the Geftakys Assemblies.

Creative Writing  Stories, allegories, spoofs, and serious poetry, written mostly by former Assembly members.

New Directions after the Assembly  Post-Assembly reports from FAMs on what they're doing and thinking about now. Prayer requests, and some post-Assembly pics.

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