Media Related to Spiritual Abuse

Approval Addiction   Joyce Meyer's book on tape has been highly recommended. The end of the book is about control, and not letting others control us. This is a good series, but we do not recommend all of Joyce's ministry, some of her teaching contains elements of the "prosperity gospel".

The Gospel for those Broken by the Church (MP3), available at New Reformation Press. Dr. Rosenbladt's message is tailor-made for all those folks who are "mad" at and "sad" about Christianity because they have been "baited and switched" by the church.

The Gospel and Galatians Dr. Kim Riddlebarger, 1995-1996. Set of 12 tapes from the mid-week Bible study, available for purchase from Christ Reformed Church, Anaheim, CA. (see Links) Understanding Galatians is key to getting liberated from works-based righteousness. Galatians is dynamite.

Spiritual Abuse: An Introduction Jeff VanVonderen talks about spiritual abuse in 3 videos available online. "Spiritual abuse is when someone uses God's name to get people to do something he/she wants them to do, not what God wants them to do." The complete 10-lecture series is available for purchase.

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